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Innovative life science is dependent on the availability and the accessibility of the latest technologies and research infrastructure. Bioplatforms Australia enables Australian life science research by investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and associated expertise in the specialist fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics. We create open-data initiatives through collaborative research projects, which build critical ‘omic datasets that support scientific challenges of national importance. In this era of data-driven bioscience, we strengthen bioinformatics literacy through national training programs for Australian researchers.

Investment funding has been provided through the Commonwealth Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), the 2009 EIF Super Science Initiative and the Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme. Co-investments have also been made by State Governments, research institutions and commercial entities. Our role is to work with government and industry to advance Australia’s ‘omics research sector through developing and implementing a strategic investment plan that promotes technology development and builds expertise for the benefit of all Australian researchers. Infrastructure investments are hosted by our Australia-wide network of leading universities and research institutions which ensure broad access through contracted services and research collaborations.


Bioplatforms Australia will foster the capacity and capabilities of the Australian life sciences sector to boost its contribution to Australia’s health, environmental, economic and social wellbeing.


Bioplatforms Australia will support world class research and innovation in the life sciences by:

  • ensuring broad and efficient access to state-of-the-art biomolecular (‘omic) platform cababilities;
  • facilitating greater multi-disciplinary integration in basic and translational bioscience;
  • contributing to research collaborations that address scientific challenges of national significance;
  • supporting industrial applications of biomolecular technology and scientific collaborations between researchers and industry;
  • expanding international research networks; and
  • sustaining a national intellectual capability and capacity.

The Bioplatforms Australia network is structured around four platform technologies:

  • Genomics – high throughput genome sequencing, transcript analysis, epigenetics, bioinformatics
  • Proteomics – protein separation, mass spectrometry, monoclonal antibody development, protein chemistry
  • Metabolomics – small molecule analysis, sample preparation, metabolite profiling, mass spectrometry, lipidomics
  • Bioinformatics – high performance computational tools, cloud services, bioinformatic strategies, data acquisition, data curation and management, data analysis, data reporting

Industries of focus:

  • Agriculture
  • Food & Wine Productivity
  • Biomedical Research and Translation
  • Environmental Science
  • Commercial Engagement


New technologies can be disruptive to society and can raise social, legal and ethical issues. Bioplatforms Australia broadly canvases the issues that impact bioscience research in Australia. Our consultations provide important information and policy advice to all levels of government and we work hard to identify and deliver opportunities to support scientific innovation and commercialisation.


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