About Our Projects

Bioplatforms Australia’s national Framework Initiatives are building critical biomolecular datasets to help tackle scientific challenges faced by Australian researchers. Next-generation DNA sequencing, in combination with large scale protein and metabolite screening, is enabling unprecedented biological insights for almost all sectors of life science.

Since 2010 we have instigated eleven Framework Initiatives that are delivering large-scale ‘omics data to support national research efforts. By building nationally collaborative programs, funding new datasets and ultimately offering them as a public resource, Bioplatforms Australia enables a broad scope of research endeavours.

To ensure relevance and strategic value, all datasets are generated with the collective support and expert guidance of leading researchers, industry specialists and government bodies. This has the advantage of drawing together existing resources and knowledge and has also been successful in seeding new linkages and research partnerships. Importantly the program also provides a focus for boosting bioinformatics capabilities and is facilitating best practice standards for data management, analysis and harmonisation.

Considerations for project selection and development:

  • Project initiation focused around nationally collaborative and peer reviewed centres
  • Project teams are extended by inclusion of additional collaborative partners
  • Building on existing activities – existing research programmes are augmented and engaged with Bioplatforms Australia NCRIS capability partners
  • International linkages are fostered and promoted
  • Technology – timing, feasibility and deployment of appropriate capability from the Bioplatforms Australia network
  • Bioinformatic support – demonstrated pathway to data analysis
  • Industry support is strongly encouraged
  • Co-investment is necessary to maximise the value and impact of Bioplatforms Australia Framework Initiatives

For further information contact:

Andrew Gilbert | T: 02 9850 8281 | agilbert@bioplatforms.com