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Andrew Gilbert has been Bioplatforms Australia’s general manager since its inception in 2007. Andrew oversees the investment of $150 million in Commonwealth Government research infrastructure funding in the discovery sciences of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

With 17 investments across Australia Andrew has an extensive network of contacts from Commonwealth and State Governments, along with prominent universities, medical research institutes, agricultural research institutes and commercial entities. The Bioplatforms Australia network now supports 4500 users per annum across the spectrum of pure research to commercial production.

In addition to managing the national infrastructure network, Andrew has also catalysed the formation of a series of strategic national scientific collaborations. Each of these projects is by design multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and contain both discovery implications and pathways to end use.

Prior to his current endeavours, Andrew was the Commercial Manager for Life Therapeutics and involved in a broad range of activities surrounding the commercialisation of cutting edge biotechnology developments. A particular focus was to ensure market requirements were successfully married with strong science to deliver a product and service that was both needed by end users and of financial benefit to Life Therapeutics.


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