Assoc Prof Andrew Lonie

Bioinformatics Convenor (acting)

Associate Professor Andrew Lonie is the Director of Melbourne Bioinformatics and EMBL-ABR and a renowned molecular biologist.

Assoc Prof Andrew Lonie received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Adelaide in 1994. With a background in molecular biology and computer science, Assoc Prof Lonie was appointed Head of the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative’s Life Sciences Computation Centre in 2010 to create a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise in life sciences offering best practice analyses, training and education. He was subsequently appointed Director of the VLSCI in 2015.

The Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative underpinned the formation of Melbourne Bioinformatics in 2017. Assoc Prof Lonie is currently the Director of Melbourne Bioinformatics and EMBL-ABR.

He is involved with various other national infrastructure bodies such as NeCTAR, EMBL Australia, Australian National Data Service and Research Data Services.

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