BASE Site Selection Criteria

The BASE project has concluded. It has joined with the Marine Microbes project to form the Australian Microbiome Initiative. For the current processes and workflows. please go to the Australian Microbiome page and website. The legacy pages below are kept for information only but will not be updated anymore.

The primary objective of the site selection process is to ensure that the samples collected represent as broad a range of Australian soil and vegetation conditions and major agricultural land use practices as possible.

A secondary objective is to collect samples from a wide geographical distribution across the continent and/or from sites that represent extreme environmental or agricultural conditions of interest e.g salinity gradients.

Two broad sets of samples will be used to populate the BASE dataset:  1) those specifically collected for the BASE project; 2) those being collected as part of projects aimed at particular research questions that have the ability to contribute to the goals of BASE.  The utility of samples for inclusion in BASE will be assessed against five main criteria:

  • Substantial contribution to the scientific objectives of the BASE project.
  • Collected in line with the BASE sampling procedures, or can be easily aggregated in such a way as to comply with these (see Sampling Procedure page).
  • All samples are associated with the prescribed environmental contextual data (see Table 1 on Sampling Procedure page).
  • Researchers agree to the data (including genetic and environmental) being put directly into the public domain as part of the BASE framework dataset.
  • There is a clear “path to analysis” for the samples, that is the sites are part of an active research program that will use the data.

Site and sample set assessment against these criteria will be undertaken by the site selection committee. Agreement for samples to be included in BASE will be reached prior to sampling taking place

Site selection committee:

  • Pauline Mele (La Trobe/Vic Dept. Eco. Dev.)
  • Andrew Young (CSIRO)
  • Anna Fitzgerald (Bioplatforms Australia)
Soil Secrets

“Soil Secrets” presented on ABC’s Landline program (Nov 2012) gives an excellent overview of soil research in Australia and the resulting benefits to agriculture. Our soil datasets provide critical genomic data for this research and are being generated in collaboration with a number of Australia’s leading soil and agriculture scientists including Pauline Mele who features in this program.

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