Bioplatforms Australia partnership with the Garvan Institute

Bioplatforms Australia partnership with the Garvan Institute expands access to breakthrough genomics capability.

Research infrastructure organisation, Bioplatforms Australia, has announced a strategic partnership with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research that will expand researcher access to the most powerful high-throughput sequencing platform presently available in the world.

The Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics operates Australia’s first-purpose built facility for undertaking clinical grade genomic sequencing. This year it acquired massive capacity in human whole genome sequencing with the purchase of the Illumina HiSeq X Ten Sequencing platform. The HiSeq X Ten system delivers unprecedented sequencing scale of up to 350 genomes a week or 18,000 a year.  As the world’s first system to break the $US1000 barrier for delivering a human genome, it will accelerate medical research through cost-effective, high-throughput genomic analysis of huge sample populations.

Bioplatforms Australia’s partnership with the Garvan Institute represents a highly strategic expansion to its national infrastructure network given the Kinghorn Centre will be one of only a handful of facilities in the world operating the HiSeq X Ten system in 2014. By joining the Bioplatforms Australia network, broader researcher access to this world class whole genome sequencing capability can occur to both complement and expand the suite of ‘omics and bioinformatics infrastructure now available.

The partnership agreement will deliver supplementary funding to the Garvan Institute to ensure highly skilled technical and computational staff are available to scale up the HiSeq X Ten system to its full capacity. New research collaborations will be facilitated as the Garvan becomes more closely integrated with the other 17 partners in the Bioplatforms Australia network.

We expect the HiSeq X system to underpin a new phase of collaboration that will help to accelerate the introduction of clinical genomics and next-generation medicine in Australia” said Professor John Mattick, Executive Director of the Garvan Institute. “Our partnership with Bioplatforms Australia is an important step in building the alliances that will be needed to transform capacity into tangible medical outcomes”.

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