Centre for Comparative Genomics

The Centre for Comparative Genomics (CCG), Murdoch University is a Western Australian State Government Centre of Excellence. The Centre draws together capabilities in biomedical and agricultural research and development; bioinformatics; comparative genomics; software development; and high performance computing allowing unique synergies and understanding within and across these fields of study.

The CCG provides national bioinformatics research infrastructure for Bioplatforms Australia ‘s genomics, proteomics and metabolomics platforms through the Australian Bioinformatics Facility funded through NCRIS. It provides access to powerful supercomputing capabilities through the iVEC@Murdoch facility which hosts a supercomputer ranked 87th in the world (June, 2011). It also offers particular strengths in the development of sophisticated, user-friendly web-based systems and has built extensive experience in working with agricultural, biomedical and bio-statistical user communities.

The CCG ‘s capabilities include:

  • High Performance Computing including all aspects of procurement, design, commissioning and operation
  • Web-based application software development
  • Bioinformatics – research, analysis, research support
  • Transformation of legacy systems/data into exchangeable, universally comprehensible digital formats