CSIRO Collaboration


Bioplatforms Australia and CSIRO’s Transformational Biology Platform jointly supported an initiative that facilitated collaboration between Bioplatforms Australia nodesfast trackingcientists requiring ‘omics capability to enable their research.

A number of projects have been supported after a rigorous selection process focused on scientific merit and potential impact for the CSIRO research agenda. Collaborations supported are outlined in the table below. Many of these projects resulted in publications, presentations, new collaborations, spin-off projects and multiple new grant applications.

Applicant Title Bioplatforms Platform Bioplatforms Node
Apte, Simon (CLW, Lucas Heights) 454 sequencing of the amphipod, Melita plumulosa Genomics Ramaciotti Centre, UNSW
Gubler, Frank (PI, Black Mountain) Deep-sequencing approaches to identify miRNA targets involved in regulation of grain development Genomics ANU, JCSMR
Saunders, Ian (CMIS, Urrbrae) Validation of Colorectal Cancer SNP Associations Genomics AGRF Brisbane
Bonnett, Graham (PI, St Lucia) Lipidomic analysis of specialised pathways for unusual fatty acid synthesis and accumulation Metabolomics AIBN, UQ
Wijffels, Gene (LI, St Lucia) Metabolic correlates of inflammation Metabolomics Melbourne University
Manners, John (PI, St Lucia) Finding Effector Genes in Fungal Pathogen Genomes Genomics AGRF Brisbane
Gubler, Frank (PI, Black Mountain) Next-generation sequencing technology for fast tracking gene discovery in wheat Genomics ANU, JCSMR
Oakeshott, John (Entomology, Black Mountain) 1H NMR Metabolomics – Deuterated Organisms Metabolomics Melbourne University
Oakeshott, John (Entomology, Black Mountain) Metabolomics of genetic dysfunction in model organisms Metabolomics Melbourne University
Szoeke, Cassandra (CMHT, Parkville) Blood-based transcriptomics as diagnostics for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Genomics Ramaciotti Centre, UNSW