EMBL Australia Collaboration

Bioplatforms Australia has a Memorandum of Understanding with EMBL Australia to provide access to key research facilities within the Bioplatforms Australia network to EMBL Australia research teams. The alliance aims to further promote collaboration and resource-sharing within the scientific community.

EMBL Australia was established to foster and enhance Australia’s international competitiveness in the life sciences and strengthen its emerging position as a leader in biotechnology research. Its Partner Laboratory Network (PLN) of young research groups across Australia is an important centrepiece of EMBL Australia, which also provides access to broader EMBL resources and activities to Australian researchers through funded research positions, collaborative ventures and the formation of research institutes.

Furthermore, the EMBL Australia PhD school has provided hands-on practical training of talented young scientists in all key areas of molecular biology, including bioinformatics training that has been provided by Bioplatforms Australia.

For further information contact:

Andrew Gilbert | T: 02 9850 8281 | agilbert@bioplatforms.com