Melbourne Genome Health Alliance

Bioplatforms Australia was a foundation investor through the Australian Genome Research Facility in the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance (Melbourne Genomics).

The collaboration is an alliance of 10 leading healthcare and research organisations dedicated to bringing the global knowledge of genomics to benefit the individual care of Victorians.

Together, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital, The University of Melbourne, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, the CSIRO, the Australian Genome Research Facility, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Austin Health and Monash Health are forging a path forward for patients, clinicians and researchers to benefit from the enormous potential of genomics.
The work of Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance is:

  • assessing genomics in practice,
  • establishing the best systems,
  • harnessing the latest research,
  • building healthworkers’ skills and knowledge,
  • ensuring appropriate access to quality information.

The vision is for Victoria to be a world leader in using genomics in healthcare.

The programme was subsequently continued and expanded in the current phase (2016-2018) with $25 million investment from the Victorian Government.

For further information contact:

Andrew Gilbert | T: 02 9850 8281 |