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Connections – Bioplatforms Newsletter August 2013

New dataset project leads to first draft koala genome , BASE – impacts to microbe diversity and function in soil, epigenomics clues to gene activation , budget funding for Bioplatforms Australia, Nemo project reveals effects of ocean acidification, wheat pathogen project receives positive review…

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Great Barrier Reef

Bioplatforms Australia will generate genomic datasets for coral, their algal symbionts and associated microbes as part of ‘Sea-quence’, a project focused on protecting and preserving the Great Barrier Reef.

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Soil Secrets

“Soil Secrets” presented on ABC’s Landline program (Nov 2012) gives an excellent overview of soil research in Australia and the resulting benefits to agriculture. Our soil datasets provide critical genomic data for this research and are being generated in collaboration with a number of Australia’s leading soil and agriculture scientists including Pauline Mele who features in this program.

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Connections – Bioplatforms Newsletter August 2012

Les has been an advisor to public and private sector organisations for over fifteen years assisting performance improvement through strategy and policy formulation, business transformation and change programs, through review and design of core business processes, and through organisational performance measurement and modelling.

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