Professor Malcom McConville

Metabolomics Convenor

Professor Malcolm McConville is currently Acting Director of the Bio21 Institute of Molecular Science and Biotechnology, the University of Melbourne, and is head of the Metabolomics Australia facility in the Institute. Malcolm has had a long standing interest in the metabolism of microbial pathogens and his group has pioneered the development of metabolomic approaches for identifying new pathways and drug targets in these organisms.

Malcolm received his PhD from the University of Melbourne and held post-doctoral fellowships at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and the University of Dundee, Scotland. He moved his research group to The University of Melbourne in 1994 and since then has received substantial funding from the NHMRC, the Wellcome Trust, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Malcolm has since been involved in the establishment of the Metabolomics Australia hub in the Bio21 Institute. Professor Malcolm McConville  is the Acting Director of the Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne and is head of the Metabolomics Australia facility in the Institute. 

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