Wheat Sequencing Framework Data Initiatives

Bioplatforms Australia’s Wheat Sequencing Framework Data Initiatives provide useful information for breeding programs seeking to increase crop yields and improve protection against climate stress. The datasets also support international efforts to build a reference genome for wheat.

To ensure the relevance of the datasets to the Australian wheat industry, Bioplatforms Australia established a working group of leading researchers and industry specialists to help establish and direct the work program which focuses on the following:

  • Chromosome 7A

    The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) has engaged a number of countries around the world to tackle the sequencing and assembly of the wheat genome, with Australia taking responsibility for chromosome 7A. The complete wheat genome is five times larger than the human genome and presents a huge assembly challenge for scientists. Genetic analysis undertaken so far has linked a number of genes important for Australian conditions to chromosome 7A.

  • Genetic Diversity Datasets

    Next-generation sequencing was undertaken to generate between 5 and 10 x coverage of sixteen varieties chosen to represent the diversity of the Australian wheat germplasm. These datasets will build on the wheat reference genome to describe genetic variability of important cultivars and will enable breeders to identify beneficial traits that can positively enhance wheat productivity in Australia.

Bioplatforms Australia Wheat Sequencing Initiative data release policy.

For further information please visit the Bioplatforms Australia Metadata Portal: https://downloads.bioplatforms.com/

Project contacts:

Anna Fitzgerald | T: 02 9850 1174 | afitzgerald@bioplatforms.com