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Introduction to genomics research and key considerations for conducting clinical genomics research.

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Watch the Great Barrier Reef Foundation video on our Sea-quence Project

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Bioplatforms Australia invests in infrastructure in the fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics

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Bioplatforms Australia supports strategic projects and training programs to leverage ‘omics capabilities

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Read about some of our 2017-18 highlights in our Annual Report

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Bioplatforms Australia offer a range of training courses developed in conjunction with various partners

Annual Report

Bioplatforms Australia 2019 Annual Report

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Bioplatforms Australia News and Media

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Bioplatforms Australia Infrastructure


DNA sequencing for gene discovery, genome mapping and analysis.


Large scale analysis of protein structure and function.


Measurement and analysis of metabolites.


High performance computing for large-scale data acquisition, interpretation and analysis.

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