Wheat Framework Data Initiatives

Bioplatforms Australia is creating wheat datasets to complement important research aimed at improving crop yields and wheat defence mechanisms.

As a staple food crop for the world’s population and Australia’s most important grain export, its economic significance and potential for global food security will ensure that large scale genomic datasets will make an invaluable contribution to current and on-going research.

The project involves a broad collaboration across research, industry and government sectors to ensure the datasets focus on varieties significant to the Australian wheat industry and cover critical pathogens and pests. The datasets are grouped as follows:

Further information can also be found at the Bioplatforms Australia Metadata Portal: https://downloads.bioplatforms.com/

Articles and Publications

Shifting the limits in wheat research and breeding through a fully annotated and anchored reference genome sequence
Science, volume 361, issue 6403
17 August 2018
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Mass-spectrometry data for Rhizoctonia solani proteins produced during infection of wheat and vegetative growth
Data in Brief
June 2016
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Harvesting Australia’s wheat datasets
Share (ANDS newsletter)
April 2014
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Dispersion and domestication shaped the genome of bread wheat
Plant Biotechnology Journal
January 2013
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Discovery of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Complex Genomes Using SGSautoSNP
August 2012
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Bread matters: A national initiative to profile the genetic diversity of Australian wheat
Plant Biotechnology Journal
January 2012
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Protecting Wheat via Pathogenomics
Australian Biochemist
December 2011
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In Search of Gold
Australian Life Scientist
November 2011
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Advancing Australia’s Food Security through Investment in Wheat Genomics
Australian Biochemist
April 2011
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Bread wheat joins the DNA era
Ground Cover – GRDC
Janurary 2011
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Bioplatforms Australia leads a national Wheat Genomics Initiative
Wheat contact database
December 2010
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